March 9, 2012

Update! Update!!

by Arpita

Dearest Gourmet Ranchers!

The latest update is out and this time we are all set to celebrate St.Patrick’s Day with exciting new releases. The main attraction of this update from the Gourmet Ranch team has been the addition of Herbs in the market as permanent ingredients. There are four of them to be unlocked and need a total of 6 keys. There are new recipes to look out for too. What’s more, it seems we players have been given a teeny weeny Continue Reading…

February 4, 2012

Love is in GR!

by Arpita

Hello my dearest Ranchers!

This post comes a little late than the scheduled time and by now I’m sure you’ve already got the quest cracking! Valentine’s Day has arrived in Gourmet Ranch and my my! with such panache and oomph, that we’re oh so lovin’ it! đŸ˜€ The contract, called simply Valentine’s Day Party, has been timed to finish in 320 hours. There are two rows of 5 ingredients each that have been released where the first ingredient of both the rows are free for all to harvest and the rest need to be unlocked using 2, 4, 6  and 8 keys respectively. Some of the ingredients are from last year’s release too like Oysters, White Cocoa beans, etc. For a detailed insight into the quest, here’s an excerpt from our very own Playdemic’s Gourmet Ranch Forum: 

Posted 02 February 2012 – 06:00 PM

Hi Ranchers!

Here is today’s update!

Valentine’s Day Party!

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Love is in the air on the Ranch! Continue Reading…

January 12, 2012

~Chinese New Year Release Part 1~

by Arpita

Dearest Ranchers Worldwide,

Greetings galore!!!

Gourmet Ranch’s Thursday update’s out!!! And this time we’re celebrating the Chinese New Year in grand style with 5 new seasonal ingredients, new recipes and decors. There has been no contract given so far, however, considering this is the first part of the release, there is a chance that we may see one next week. The new ingredients can be unlocked till the 31st of January 2012 and require 1, 2, 3 ,4 and 5 keys respectively. Below is an excerpt from the GR RockYou Forum : Continue Reading…

January 5, 2012

A Healthy Treat!

by Arpita

Dearest Ranchers!

Gourmet Ranch is back to start the new year with a new contract called ‘Healthy Eating‘. Released only a few minutes back, the new ingredients that we need to use belong to the ‘Grains’ category in the Market. Here is the official post by Marlene Bornhoff, quoted exactly from the RockYou Forum:-

01/05/2012 – Game updates – Healthy Eating

Hi Ranchers!

Here is today’s update!

Get healthy in the New Year!

The New Year has started and Dolly has made the resolution to get healthier after cooking up all those treats over Christmas. Help her to prepare some tasty and above all healthy new dishes and earn some great rewards including 30 GR cash as the top prize in our new catering quest! 

Released this week: Continue Reading…